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Return Policy

Return Policy

Return Policy

The item(s) can be returned for a product exchange, store credit, or refund within 14 days of the order’s delivery date.

We accept returns as long as the items you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, in other words, in their original, sealed, and undamaged packaging and are accompanied by the retail label.

As long as the refund request is accepted, the customer has the option to get a full refund, exchange the product with a new online order or use the amount as a credit for future use. In case the new product's price is higher than the one's returned, then the customer is charged with this difference.

The items on sales can only be exchanged with others of the same category.

Shipping costs are not charged to NUNEZ BOUTIQUE. The same policy takes place in case of size change. If the item is defective, the customer has the right to return it with shipping costs charged on NUNEZ BOUTIQUE, and get a full refund since they don't want to exchange it with another product.

The main condition for a product to be considered defective is not to be used at all by the customer.

All packages are thoroughly checked by NUNEZ BOUTIQUE personnel before their shipment to you.

The products are returned on their running price.